Google's MobilegeddonThe single biggest change to Google’s search algorithms this year was implemented April 21, 2015.  Google stated they will increase the ranking of sites that are mobile-friendly much higher.  Good news for web developers, but not-so-good-news for website owners who haven’t made the change to responsive or adaptive design.

Google stated the change will have a “significant impact” on all mobile searches in virtually all languages worldwide, but as a result, Google says that users will find higher quality results.

These changes are great news for mobile users as it will help motivate those sites that still don’t have a mobile site to actually build one. Google started highlighting mobile-friendly sites in results last year.

Google What If...One way to see if your website is mobile friendly is to open your website in your favorite browser (not in full screen mode) and grab the lower right-hand corner of the browser window and re-size it all the way down to what would represent a smartphone screen size.  If your website layout does not adapt to the various screen sizes, it is likely your website is not responsive.  Another way is to use Googles mobile-friendly test site.