Top 3 Search Engines for 2016

12 Feb Top 3 Search Engines for 2016

If you “Google” the top ten search engines for 2016, you’re liable to get a vast array of opinions.  Some will offer an extensive list backed by statistics as reported by Alexa and others, while some are simply self-serving altogether.

Google What If...Back when we first started developing websites in the early 90s, I always used Lycos as my choice for organic searches.  Remember Lycos?  Well, if you’ve never heard of AOL, it’s not likely you’ll recall Lycos.  Back in the day, it was the go-to search engine – long before the inception of Google.  When Yahoo came along, they were all the rage.  They offered a cool little home page where you could get your stock reports, local weather, etc., but then along came Google.

Let’s fast forward to February 2016.  I think if the truth be told we could all agree the main thing most people want are relevant results.  We really don’t want to have to use 4 or 5 different search engines to narrow down the results.  We would like at least one good source for most of our searches.

When people started coining the phrase “just Google it”, I knew Google had become the new household name right there next to Kleenex.  You might use Yahoo or Bing or some other popular search engine to perform your search, but you still were going to “Google it”.  But as it turns out, Google is the most commonly used search engine across the board.  In fact, when it comes to providing SEO services (Search Engine Optimization) for our clients, I always say if we get you up in the rankings with Google, you’re as good as gold.

You see, Google has set the standard for how data is aggregated.  From their unpublished reasons for doing what they do to their sophisticated algorithms, Google is the present model for how it’s done.  It’s just that no one really knows how they are doing it.

As for second place, you’ll hear all sorts of arguments.  Some boil down to personal preferences while others believe what they are told.  And for most reports, you’ll hear that second place is interchangeably Bing or Yahoo.  My personally feeling is, second place rightfully goes to YouTube.  I know that might sound confusing, but when you think about the number of searches that are performed daily on YouTube, they deserve the title of second place.  Although the results are for videos and not links to the relevant info you might be looking for, it still commands a strong second place in my books.

As for third and fourth place?  Who cares, we are all Googling it anyway.  Right?