Website Maintenance & Updates

Datacenter, OrlandoAt NewsomCreative, we own our own servers and keep them in one of the highest rated colocation facilities in the world.  With a well supported team of IT professionals at our datacenter, we never worry about security, stability, or all of the what-ifs.  We concentrate more on the production of reliable websites and less on the infrastructure.  With NewsomCreative, you never have to worry about being tossed around from one person to another.  Here, we handle things a little differently.  We have always subscribe to the idea that less is more.  When you call NewsomCreative, you get a real human being and not an automated system.


We partnered with HostDime out of Orlando, FL several years ago after hosting our servers in a colo-facility in downtown Dallas.  The facility in Dallas was adequate for the time, but became encumbered in the relationship as they didn’t have a solution for hands-on in-house support that could stay on top of software and hardware updates on our servers.  Our partnership with HostDime has been a big part of our success.  They provide us with stellar support, 24/7 and we always find a resolution in a short period of time.


We provide the connection between your website and a well-maintained hosting solution.  For many of our clients, we manage the domain name, hosting, design, security, and so much more.  In an age when we hear so much hoopla about free websites and discount hosting, we always rise to the occasion.  Our biggest salesperson is GoDaddy, Wix, and  No kidding!  People are sold on the multi-million dollar marketing strategies of the massively huge hosting conglomerates that they lose site of what is important.  Most folks need to talk one-on-one with a real human being that cares about their success.  They need someone who is as passionate about their project as they are.