Springfield Website Design
Divi 4.0 Release When we first started designing websites back in 1994 for an embedded systems software development company, we used Windows Notepad as an editor and Netscape to view what the page looked like.  We’ve really come a long way. As time passed, more and more clients wanted a way to make changes on their own to save time and money and have more control over their content.  In the mid-nineties, it was fairly labor-intensive to accommodate their wishes.  Fast forward twenty years – WordPress begins to really mature and it becomes a full-blown content management system rather than a simple blogging platform. Wordpress has become more than 35% of the entire web, and with that comes a plethora of opportunities to design and build themes and plugins to complement the WordPress platform.  In the early days, you might find yourself purchasing a new theme or plugin only to find that support for those products disappears leaving you with something that might fail with the next WordPress update.

Enter Divi 4.0 Theme Builder

Since our firm designs custom websites, we couldn’t risk using a canned theme.  Having clients nationwide and in 5 different countries, it wouldn’t paint a good picture if one of our clients found another website that looked exactly like theirs.  Divi allows us to start with a blank canvass which allows us to design a unique, custom website that reflects and branding and message for our client. Our designers appreciate the fact that if we need a solid starting point, we can use one of the many professionally designed layouts available from within the builder.  We simply scroll through the many layouts until we find one we feel would work best as a foundation for our ideas.  With the click and drag WYSIWYG interface, it makes production incredibly fast to go from concept to finished product. The folks at Elegant Themes (Home of Divi 4.0) are diligent about staying on top of updates and they are constantly improving things to make it leaner, faster, and more awesome.  We keep thinking they’ll eventually run out of ways to improve things, but they never fail to amaze us.  This latest release (4.0) solidifies our belief that Divi is the last WordPress theme anyone should ever want. With the new features offered in Divi 4.0, we can already see ways to go bigger and better for our next projects.  With custom headers and footers capability, the sky is the limit.  With Divi, you never have to worry about support and innovation, as both of these are always at the forefront of their daily mission at Elegant Themes.