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After more than 24 years in the biz, I have established a top ten list of things that really get under my skin.  Some are shame on those who try to cause harm, and others are shame on us as responsible adults who fall for things that we should know better.  Back in the day, I would grant leniency to most because the World Wide Web was so young and new.  Most nowadays can see the silly things that we fell for 20 years ago.  All of the scams like the Nigeria email scams, the pop-ups that scare you into thinking your computer is infected, and the come-ons like the domain keyword registration.

All of these make me sick.  Why?  Mainly because all they do is cause havoc and can eventually drain your bank account a little at a time.  Some, but not all of these scams prey on the fact that they know they can pique your curiosity to the point you are willing to open an attachment.  Or make you think you need to pay a bogus invoice, or something far more damaging.  Check out my list of things we should all be aware of to avoid all of the pitfalls of doing business on the Internet.


Domain Name SEO Registration

Ever get an email from a company who tries to make you believe you need to renew your Domain SEO service?  DON’T FALL FOR IT.  These guys are currently my number 1 pet peeve.  Most of the time, I use my email address as the technical contact at the Registrar for all of my clients.  Whenever they comb the whois database to find targets, they send an email that appears to be legit.  But there is no way this will ever be legit.  If you fall for this, all you are doing is giving a total stranger (scam artist) $75 for absolutely nothing.  You’re not getting any value out of this at all.  I hope if you are reading this, you’ve never fallen for this in the past.  If you have, now you know and you’ll hopefully never fall for this in the future.  Be safe and be educated.


Unsolicited emails from India-based companies offering SEO services

Evidently, they can’t get enough work doing this in their own country.  At least 2 to three times a week I get an unsolicited email from someone in India wanting to take care of SEO or Search Engine Optimization for my website or for one of my clients’ websites.  They toss out a crazy low price of $99 to get your website on the very first page of Google.  Hum, I guess if that was true, and I was a car dealer in the U.S. they could get me on the first page of Google if someone searched using the word “car”?  Yeah, right.  That will never happen for $99 a month.  They solicit in the U.S. because they know for a measly $99 a month if it doesn’t work you’re not likely to hire a lawyer and go after them.  And most of the time, they will never ask for FTP or Cpanel access to your website, which means they really can’t do much of anything for your SEO.  You send them $99 and they put that in their pocket and you get nothing but a bank account that has $99 less in it.

SEO is hard work and takes hours of dedicated work each month to make the magic happen and it is never an overnight success.  It takes careful planning, testing, and lots and lots of hard work.  That’s why I only accept a limited amount of clients for SEO services.  So, next time you get an email from somone saying they can do SEO for your website on the cheap, think again.  It’s never going to be worth it, unless it gives you a warm fuzzy giving money away to someone in another country who won’t do anything for you.


Fake Hosting Reviews

We’ve all heard of fake news this year.  Especially after the election.  Sometimes I think that’s all we have to talk about.  Whether we want to admit it or not, fake reviews help influence our decision making process all the time.  It doesn’t matter if you are researching the best water heater to purchase or the latest car, there is a plethora of reviews to help guide you in making the wisest choice.  The problem is, there are a lot of websites that appear to be the real deal.  The truth is, you’ll likely find several ranking at the top of an organic search, but… More later.