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Is Pay-To-Go the Way To Go?

Now that website design and development has been adapted to mobile devices, it’s more important now than ever to stay in in the game and do it the right way.   This might mean budgeting for an all-new website, but now might not be the best time to spend extra money.  As it turns out, you now don’t have to pay upfront for your new website to be built. With a pay-as-you-go website, you simply make affordable monthly payments, all while enjoying the business-enriching benefits of your newly-designed responsive website, without the initial capital outlay.

Let’s face it, cash flow can be a killer challenge to overcome in any business at any stage. But particularly when a business is in start-up, when it absolutely needs visibility and credibility, any way you can avoid capital investment is helpful.

Now, those unavoidable start-up costs don’t have to include your website

You need to spend a lot of money on fit-out, tools of trade and signage. You might also run a marketing campaign that involves printed flyers, value-added introductory offers and an ad in the local newspaper. Once you open, your costs increase again with the employment of staff, and you’ll become busier and have less time to spend on marketing. So how can you promote your business’s visibility, answer potential customers questions, display your price card, show off examples of your fine work, tell the world about your speciality services and raise your own professional profile? With a website!

Watch your marketing results; your website makes it so easy!

Often, business owners panic early on because they want as many customers as possible as quickly as possible. So they employ a spray all around and something will eventually stick strategy that ends up costing a lot of money, with no measurable results. Letterbox drops, printed flyers and newspaper ads are short-burst marketing techniques that should really be thought of as long term strategies so that consumers start to recognise your brand over a series of campaigns. The problem is, every individual campaign will cost good money for design, artwork, copywriting, printing, delivery and so on.

On the other hand, your website is a constant, easy-to-find marketing tool that is equipped with analytics tools. You can see, in real time, exactly how many people visit your site, what they look at and where they come from. You can analyse their browsing and buying behaviour and track which search terms they used to find you.

Based on the analytics data, your website can be improved without delay and without the significant expense of running a new letterbox drop or newspaper campaign.

Your website generates additional sales, those sales pay the monthly fee for your website

Consider the return on investment possibilities of choosing a pay-as-you-go website. Suppose you own a hairdressing salon. How many haircuts or colours will it take per month to cover a low monthly payment? The answer is a manageable, stress-free figure that is easily achievable. So instead of paying $2,000 upfront for your website, you could pay a monthly fee of less than $200 and there will be someone managing it and looking after it on your behalf the whole time.

Why you need your business’s website sooner rather than later

Often, businesses will invest in a website long after they’ve opened, usually because they now have some cash flow breathing space, but its right when they have the least time to focus on making it happen. Heres why you should not delay:

You need to secure your domain name (yourbusinessdomainname.com.au) before someone else snaps it up.
You need a home on the web so that your existing and potential customers can find out more about what you offer, whenever its convenient for them.
Your website will act as your 24/7 salesperson and information source for your business.
The sooner your website is live, the sooner Google will start indexing it to place you higher in the search results.
For many consumers researching who to spend their money with, any business that doesn’t have a website might as well not exist.
Your website can gain you the competitive edge you need to be successful.
Get your business on the web NOW!

With Digital Glare’s outstanding pay-as-you-go solution, you can move ahead with that website without any further delay. Our affordable, manageable monthly payments let you direct your cash flow to other priorities. In the meantime, you’ll have a gorgeous, professional web presence right from day one!