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Newsom Creative has designed over six different websites for my clients and each time they have done a professional job that has been a valuable asset to small businesses. Recently I paid for the extra SEO service and using their advice and help I saw a fifty percent increase in my customers! It has resulted in over a tenfold return. Value, integrity, and expertise!

Georgia Rei

Owner, Gencon


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Website Design and Development

Ideas without implementation are simply ideas.

When it comes to website development, many businesses take unnecessary risks.  They come up with budgets that are too low for projects that are too difficult.  They invest in a low-budget developer from India that they’ve never met nor could properly vet.  They gamble their dreams and ambitions against the odds just to save a buck.  Sad to say, it rarely works out.  The end result is often a site that doesn’t work; that’s delivered late, if at all.

The truth is that programming a complex web application is usually very difficult, and NewsomCreative specializes in working with businesses that have website projects that are too important to fail.  We look beyond the scope of the project to head off any pitfalls.  We offer recommendations that lend themselves to the bigger picture to ensure your project doesn’t end up painted into a corner leaving you scrambling for band-aids to keep your project patched together until you can find a better solution.  We’re in it for the long haul.

That means you’ll get careful planning; flawless programming and tenacious quality assurance; you’ll get the execution and a website that works best for your project.

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