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There’s a new trend that started surfacing a couple of years ago.  It’s been around for much longer, but as with a lot of technology, it has become more affordable.  NewsomCreative jumped at the opportunity to invest in 360º VR video.  It is a complementary addition to our services to allow us to provide this experience for our website clients.

Traditional cinematic composition techniques limit you to the contents of a frame.  360-degree cinematography frees the viewer by removing the boundaries.  Viewing an interactive 360° video creates an immersive experience that allows the consumer to choose where they wish to look.  The technology to properly view production in this new, exciting medium requires a creative eye schooled in the potential of this and different canvas and skilled in the creative process, from the creation of a conceptual storyboard that makes sense in an unchained environment.

Here’s a simple example.  The following video can be viewed on a smartphone and by moving the phone around, you can experience the effect of being in the room.  For a more intense experience, you can use VR goggles to make you feel immersed in the environment.  Our videos are totally compatible with YouTube and Facebook as a native application.  When you view the video below, be sure to use your mouse to look around the room!



We travel the country and can come to your neck of the woods to shoot our next 360º masterpiece.  We’re probably the most affordable VR solution on the market.  Want to learn more about our 360º Virtual Reality video services?